I’m in my thirties, my name is Clement, I’ve lived in Alsace, France all my life. I love Formula 1, in my memories, since 1996 and I loved the title of Villeneuve in 1997! A little geeky on the edges: I love programming.

I started photography a bit by chance. Despite the fact that my father always liked the photo, I never felt predestined for it. A car race was taking place a few hundred meters from my house, and one day I stole my father’s camera to immortalize some images. It must be said that cars are a real passion – especially Formula 1. I got a taste for it, and then, over the years, photography became much more than just a hobby.
I first met Lionel Régal in 2002, a future Champion of the coast races of the French Mountain Championship, who put my foot in the stirrup. I was first in charge of his website, then the illustration of his articles. Working for the magazine Compte Tours, I became professional in 2008, then in 2015, I joined the agency DPPI as a freelancer.

I spend a lot of time training in new trends, new techniques and software. But what is most formative: it’s the terrain! It’s the only place where creativity can be expressed (sometimes it doesn’t express itself!). But I also like to look at the work of others: not to copy them, but to learn; because you’re still learning, and then it can give you other ideas!

Photo : Shivraj Gohil

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