About me

Clément LUCK

Sports and corporate photographer

Photography is a magical moment where a story is frozen, an emotion is imposed and a passion is expressed.

Portrait Clément Luck
Photo : Bastien Roux

Who am I?

I am in my thirties, my name is Clément, I live in Alsace, north of Strasbourg.
I love Formula 1, in my memories, since 1996 and I loved Jacques Villeneuve’s title in 1997!
A bit of a geek, I love programming and Sim Racing.

My studies were oriented towards the world of industry. I obtained a BTech in Industrial Control and Automatic Regulation, then I started my active life as an employee.

I have worked in the pharmaceutical, aeronautical, oil pipeline, paper and rail industries. My technical industrial knowledge is quite extensive.

What about photography?

I started photography a little bit by chance: a car race was taking place a few hundred meters from my house, and one day, I stole my father’s camera to take some pictures.

It must be said that cars are a real passion. I took a liking to it, and then, as I met people over the years, photography became much more than a simple hobby.

I first met Lionel Régal in 2002, a rising star in the French Hillclimb Championship, who gave me a start. I was first in charge of his website, then of the illustration of his articles.

Working for Compte Tours magazine, I became a professional in 2008. I also do some reports for the magazines Echappement and Auto Hebdo.

At the same time, I collaborate with the company Studio 18, which allows me to make my first corporate reports for the tooling company Würth France.

In 2015, I start my collaboration with the agency DPPI with whom I have the chance to photograph the major championships of motorsport around the world, but also communication operations for brands and organizations with which we work.

I spend a lot of my time training and discovering the work of other photographers. I enjoy analyzing their work, experimenting, developing my knowledge and skills.

Portrait Clément Luck
Photo : Germain Hazard

Some references

Since my collaboration with DPPI, my photos have been published worldwide in magazines, newspapers and websites for many world, European and national championships, including :

Interventions and other references

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